Tag and share your photography. Each day there are two seperate photography contest with two different categories. Each contest has a 5.0 Steem and 2000 XP prize pool

How to participate

  1. Create a Steem account
  2. Check which day of the week it is
    Day Tag #1 Tag #2
    Monday foodphotography animalphotography
    Tuesday landscapephotography cityscapephotography
    Wednesday vehiclephotography architecturalphotography
    Thursday colourfulphotography macrophotography
    Friday streetphotography portraitphotography
    Saturday sportsphotography smartphonephotography
    Sunday longexposurephotography goldenhourphotography
  3. Share your photo on Steem with the correct hashtag


  1. Only use photos made by yourself
  2. Only use the tags for content related to photography

Additional information

  1. In general results are releases within 7 days

World of Photography

Daily photography captured and shared by Steemians from around the world. Earn XP and Steem for sharing your photography. Learn, share, grow and become inspired with fellow photographers.